About Us

At PALS, big things do come in small packages!

Working out of small, cramped quarters, we achieve great things every day as we work to save the lives of our precious orphaned dogs and cats.

PALS is a 501(c) (3) no kill, non-profit organization founded in 2004 to save the lives of abandoned dogs and cats. Once a pet is at PALS, it has found a safe haven and is given a second chance at life.

PALS’ Mission states that we are dedicated to improving the welfare of companion animals in Lodi by:

  • Increasing the number of animals adopted
  • Reducing animal suffering
  • Providing the highest level of humane care
  • Reducing the number of surplus companion animals euthanized by the City

Staffed by a dedicated group of volunteers, PALS handles the many challenges of day-to-day operations of an animal shelter, including taking sick animals to the veterinarian, doing home visits for prospective adoptions, walking the dogs, handling behavioral issues, cleaning the kennels and cages, feeding and grooming, ensuring the overall well-being of the animals at all times and working hard to find them permanent homes.

It is our love of animals that helps us through the “thick and thin” of keeping a non-profit afloat . . . from endless fundraising to keeping volunteers working to achieve the short and long-term goals. But, when we save a dog or cat’s life or see one of our animals going to a loving home, we know it’s all worth it!