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Sharing your life with an animal has great benefits and can bring you and your family great joy!

PALS wants to help you find the right pet match for your family and your home.  We provide the resources to guide you in making the best decision.  Please review the following checklist and conduct an honest assessment of your ability to adopt a dog or cat.

If you are still uncertain, please come to our office or give us a call.  We are there to help you.

Animal Adoption Checklist

  • Realistically assess whether or not you are ready and able to commit to the long-term care of a pet, both emotionally and financially.  Verify the readiness of others, including children, in the home as well.
  • Research to determine the pet appropriate to your living situation and lifestyle.  Determine the size, age and energy level most suitable for you.
  • Determine if you will be able to live with pet hair, a litter box or the occasional wear and tear caused by pets?
  • If you have other pets, they need to be introduced to any new potential adopted pet.
  • Never give a pet as a gift.
  • Make necessary modifications to your yard/fence/pool to provide for your pet’s safety and to prevent your pet from escaping.  Will you need a fenced yard?  How much space do you have inside and outside your home?
  • If you get a cat, will you want an outdoor enclosure (a cattery) so your kitty can spend time safely outdoors?
  • Verify in advance that you are allowed a pet where you live, especially if you rent or belong to a homeowner’s association.
  • How much time do you have to spend with a pet?
  • What is your activity level?  Are you sedentary or physically active?
  • Be prepared to provide sufficient exercise and stimulation for your new pet to include walks, behavior training, socialization with family members, playtime and appropriate toys and treats.
  • Do you have the financial resources if your pet has a medical crisis and has high veterinary bills?
  • Do you have someone who can be a secondary caregiver if you are away from home?  If not, how will you provide care for your pet when you travel?

We hope the Checklist has been helpful to you in making your decision to adopt.  If you are ready to proceed, we know you will be more likely to have a happy animal, a good relationship with your pet, and an easier time dealing with any challenges that might arise.

If you are ready to take a pet home, please view the pets available at or come visit us at the PALS Adoption Center.

If you have any questions about the right pet for you and your family, please contact PALS at 224-0354 or visit us at 1405 W. Kettleman Lane, Lodi, CA