Featured Pets of the Week – August 18

Meet Little Red, Pattie, Berlin, and April, the PALS Featured Pets of the Week!

Little Red (LAS) is an approximately 4 month old, male Rhodesian Ridgeback mix (we’re not sure what the “mix” is, but he will likely be a medium-sized dog). At approximtely 4 months old, Little Red weighs just over 16lbs. Little Red is a very mellow puppy, and he gets along pretty well with other small dogs; he was roommates with a small terrier mix and they got along very well! He’s still a puppy, so we haven’t been able to take him out into the big dog run, so we don’t have a full measure of his personality, or level of playfulness, but he’s a very friendly dog that loves human attention, and will make a great family dog!

Pattie (PALS) is an approximately 1 year old, spayed female, black and white, Domestic Long Hair cat. Pattie was fostered with one of our PALS volunteers when she first came to us, at the age of just 6 weeks. Pattie received lots of love and care from a very young age, and so is very socialized and outgoing. Pattie loves to be scratched behind the ears, and she’ll curl up into a ball in your lap for as long as you’ll let her. She still has a playful heart, as is evidenced by how she plays right alongside the adoptable kittens we place in the Beige Room with her, and her Beige Room companions. Obviously, Pattie also does very well with other cats.

Berlin (LAS) is an approximately 5 1/2 month old, female, German Shepherd; Berlin weighs 36 lbs. Berlin is a very active young pup who loves to play. Since she’s still just a puppy, we’re not able to take her out into the dog run, yet, but when we can get her out into the shelter’s introduction room she has a blast exploring every corner of the room, and everything in it. Berlin is learning to follow the basic commands, and is very good at “sit,” especially when there’s a tasty treat forthcoming. Berlin will need plenty of exercise, so she’ll need a big back yard, with plenty of room to run around, as well as multiple daily walks. Continued basic obedience classes will help Berlin mature into an amazing family dog!

April (PALS) is an approximately 2 1/2 year old, spayed female, black and white (with a black nose), Domestic Short Hair cat. April came to PALS after having a litter of kittens, and she was taken in by one of our fosters while she nursed them; June, who was adopted just last week, was her adorable kitten!  April is a very sweet and loving cat, and she loves to be pet. She’s not very playful, preferring instead nice relaxing naps in the sunshine. While April’s thrilled that her little girl June has found a good home, she’s hoping that she’ll soon find a good family to take her home too!