Foster A Rescue, Save A Life

Earlier this week I posted on our PALS Facebook page that both PALS, and the Lodi Animal Shelter, were experiencing one of the worst kitten seasons in recent memory, and that both of our facilities were at full capacity. We are still seeing new arrivals, abandoned kittens, moms and their litters, and older cats, as well, every single day. At this time we simply don’t have enough space for all of them. What we need, and need urgently, are qualified foster homes.

Meet Hunter:

Hunter was brought into the shelter just this week, and looks to be between 3 and 4 weeks old. Typically, a kitten this young would still be nursing from his mom, receiving life sustaining warmth from her, and learning social skills from her, as well. ¬†Fortunately for Hunter, we have a wonderful volunteer foster “mom” who is able to open up her home, and heart, to Hunter, and give him the special care he needs, including bottle feeding him every two hours! While kittens that have been abandoned or separated at such a young age face many difficulties, and can struggle to survive, the fact that we were able to place him in a foster home where he’ll receive round the clock care means he has more than a fighting chance!

How YOU can help:

Become a foster parent!

Volunteering as a foster parent for kittens is quite a commitment of time, energy, and love. It’s also one of the most rewarding experiences you can hope to ever have.

The application process is easy. Simply fill out a Foster Parent Application, and a Volunteer Application; the Volunteer Application needs to be filled out in the Lodi Animal Shelter office; once the Volunteer Application is submitted, interested parties will be given a form to get fingerprinted by the Lodi Police Department (at no cost to the applicant). The next step in the process is a home visit by our Director, where she’ll check to make sure that the home environment is one conducive to fostering kittens. That’s it.

Once approved to be a foster parent, we place one litter with a foster, where they’ll stay, and be cared for, until they are able to be adopted. All food, formula and supplies, as well as any necessary medical care, is provided by, and paid for by, PALS. This allows our foster parents to concentrate on taking care of the animals!

If you’re interested in becoming a foster parent, please don’t hesitate, we have so many kittens that need your help, now!