LSP To The Rescue



Sue Purdom, Manager of Lodi Shelter PALS, works the phones to line up rescues for stray and abandoned cats and dogs at the Lodi Animal Shelter.

With a noticeable uptick in the number of stray or abandoned cats and dogs being brought into the Lodi Animal Shelter from May through August, PALS volunteers had their work cut out for them; socializing cats and dogs, laying the groundwork for good K9 citizenship with basic obedience training for the dogs, and, ultimately, finding great forever homes for cats and dogs looking for a second chance at a happy life.

Behind the scenes, but no less important to our efforts to save the lives of these animals, works Sue Purdom, Manager of our sister corporation, Lodi Shelter PALS (LSP). LSP works within the city shelter office, allowing the shelter office to remain open, six days a week, even when the city’s animal control officers are dispatched on calls. LSP is responsible for tracking and processing animal licensing, taking lost/found animal reports, and processing adoptions and redemptions from the city shelter!

That’s a lot of work for Sue and her small but dedicated LSP staff, which makes what Sue has accomplished on top of all of that, that much more extraordinary! Because, with the shelter reaching near maximum capacity throughout the summer months, Sue went above and beyond, and with her rescue reference book at hand, and a desire to save the lives of the shelter’s stray and abandoned animals in her heart, Sue tirelessly worked the phones, reaching out to rescue organizations near and far, in support of our mission to save the lives of the stray and abandoned animals of Lodi.

Sue not only networked with rescues that have previously rescued from the shelter, but reached out to new rescues, as well, developing a relationship with each of them that we hope will continue on into the future.  In September alone, Sue worked with 14 different rescues to help  20 cats, 34 dogs, and even 1 rabbit, find sanctuary with the rescues listed below. Thank you so much for all of your hard work Sue, and thank you to all of the rescues listed below, as well!

PALS, Hoofs, Paws & Claws Haven, PAWS Rescue, Second Chance Kitty, All My Tomorrow’s Pet Rescue, PUPS Rescue, Kritter Kamp Rescue, Wonder Dog Rescue, Animal Rescue of Tracy, Nor CAL Border Collie Rescue, Poke-A-Dot’s Dalmatian and Friends Rescue, AFC, and California Golden State German Shepherd Rescue!