PALS Pet of the Week – Zoe

PALS Pet of the Week - Zoe .5

Meet Zoe, our PALS Pet of the Week!

Zoe is an approximately 3 year old, spayed female, black brindle & white Pit Bull Terrier; Zoe weighs approximately 55 lbs. This gentle girl has been patiently waiting at the shelter to find her forever home for close to two months now! Zoe is an absolute sweetheart that loves being around and interacting with people; she loves to sit with you so that she can get lots of petting, and she always gives you kisses to show just how much she appreciates your attention and affection! Zoe isn’t exactly high energy, most of the time, but she does love to play ball; she’s not always quick to give the ball back for another throw, though. And, with the weather warming up we’ve also found that she very much enjoys cooling off and lounging in our doggy pool after she’s had her fill of playing ball. Zoe is very well mannered and respectful, and she looks to have had some obedience training as she knows her “sit” command, and walks very well on the leash; Zoe also appears to be housebroken. Zoe is such a mellow and outgoing dog that she would make a wonderful addition to any home, so if you’re interested in giving her the forever home that she needs and deserves, please come in and meet her!


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PALS Pet of the Week – Cammi


PALS Pet of the Week - Cammi .5

Meet Cammi, our PALS Pet of the Week!

Cammi is an approximately 4 year old, spayed female, Chihuahua; Cammi weighs approximately 7 ½ lbs. One of the sweetest, most loving dogs, to ever come into PALS is once again in search of a loving forever home. Cammi found herself at PALS after being dumped in our Christmas donation bin back in 2013. She eventually found herself a wonderful home where she was loved and doted on for the last several years; unfortunately, Cammi was recently returned to PALS after her owner passed away. This girl has been through so much, but she is an absolute sweetheart that loves to be around people. She’s the perfect lap dog that will happily curl up in your lap for hours on end, and just enjoy being close to you. Cammi isn’t too active, but she does enjoy going on short walks. She also seems to enjoy playing out on the grass where she can roll around on the warm ground, and stretch out to soak in the sun. Although Cammi prefers the company of people, she has also gotten along very well with the other small dogs that we have introduced her to. Cammi will do best in a home where she’s not left alone all day, and one that’s a bit on the quiet side, as well. If you’d like to give this sweet girl a second chance at a forever home, please come in and meet her!


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PALS Pet(s) of the Week – Sawyer, Spencer, Sydney, and Selena


PALS Pet of the Week - Sawyer

Sawyer is an approximately 3 ½ month old, neutered male, German Shepherd/Labrador/Border Collie mix; Sawyer currently weighs 37 lbs. Sawyer and his litter mates were just five weeks old when PALS rescued them, and placed them into a foster home, and it has been amazing to watch these puppies grow from tiny little 5 lb bundles of fur into the playful and outgoing big boys and girls that they are today! In addition to Sawyer, his brother, Spencer, and his two sisters, Selena, and Sydney, are also now available for adoption; all four of these puppies have that black Shepherd look, with various white or grey chest markings. They are all extremely friendly and well mannered, and they love being around people! They can be extremely playful and active at times, and will need a lot of exercise and activity as they continue to grow, but they’re also very mellow puppies who enjoy lazing around and enjoying the warmth of the afternoon sun. We’ve been working with them on obedience training, and they all know the “sit” command, and we have recently begun leash training them, as well, though they will greatly benefit from continued obedience training once they’ve found their new forever homes. If you’re interested in adopting Sawyer, or one of his siblings, please call PALS to schedule an introduction.


PALS Pet of the Week - Sydney PALS Pet of the Week - Spencer PALS Pet of the Week - Selena

PALS Pet of the Week – Layla

PALS Pet of the Week - Layla .5

Meet Layla, our PALS Pet of the Week!

Layla is an approximately 6 month old, spayed female, Shepherd/Staffordshire Terrier mix. Layla is a very sweet and outgoing puppy that’s overcome quite a bit since being rescued by PALS several months ago. Layla tested positive for the Parvovirus shortly after being brought into the city shelter as a stray in February; PALS rescued her, and immediately brought her in for life saving medical treatment, and though it was a rough first few days, Layla made a full recovery. Layla is now a happy and healthy puppy who is full of life and love! Layla is a very outgoing and friendly puppy who just loves being able to be outside, and whether it’s running around in our play yard, or going for short walks, she’s always interested in exploring her surroundings. Layla’s always up for making new friends, too, and she loves to lean into you for some special attention and affection. Layla will need some basic obedience training to help her become a model K9 citizen. If this sweet girl sounds like the perfect puppy for you, please come in and meet her!


PALS Pet of the Week - Layla 1.5

PALS Pet of the Week – Thunder

PALS Pet of the Week - Thunder .5

Meet Thunder, our PALS Pet of the Week! 

Thunder is an approximately 1 year old, male, Rottweiler/Shepherd mix, and he weighs approximately 65 lbs. Thunder is an extremely playful puppy with a great personality! Thunder is very outgoing, and he always enjoys meeting new people, especially if they have yummy treats for him! Thunder is a very active boy, and he loves spending time in our big dog run where he can run and play to his hearts content, or just watch everything going on in the world around him. He can be very affectionate, too, and he’s not at all shy about giving tons of puppy kisses! Our volunteers are currently working on the basic commands with Thunder, and he so far he’s got the “sit” command down pat. Thunder will definitely benefit from continued obedience training once he’s adopted, but he’s a very intelligent dog, and very treat motivated, so he should do very well with continued training. If this playful youngster sounds like the perfect dog for you, please come in and meet him!

PALS Pet of the Week - Thunder 1.5

Providing the Highest Level of Humane Care to Severely Injured and Sick Animals


“Reducing animal suffering…by providing the highest level of humane care.”

These aren’t “just words” in our mission statement; they’re words we live by each day. And we do it in a number of ways, from providing vaccinations for every animal that comes into the city shelter, to covering the costs associated with grooming for severely matted animals, treatment for parasites, fleas, and ticks, to treating upper respiratory infections. These are just some of the “ordinary” medical expenses that PALS takes on as we help the stray and abandoned animals in the city shelter get ready for their second chance at a forever home.

And then there are the extraordinary medical expenses, from broken bones and infections, to deadly viruses. In the last six months, PALS has taken on over a dozen of these extraordinary medical needs cases for animals that have come into the city shelter.

We have rescued Maggie, Gabby, Marvin, Donny, Skip. Layla, and Maya, all beautiful puppies that tested positive for the Parvovirus; the first six have made full recoveries, and four of them have already found their forever homes; and our latest rescued Parvo puppy, Maya, is doing very well and she too is well on her way to a full recovery!

Then there’s Alice, a tiny little MinPin/Chihuahua mix, that came into the shelter with severely luxating patellas in both of her rear legs that required surgery, Raina, an energetic Chihuahua who was bitten by another dog and had deep puncture wounds and broken ribs, Hope, a sweet little Shih Tzu who had an untreated and severely infected ulcer in her eye that required the eye to be surgically removed, Bayley, a shy Short Haired German Pointer with a broken elbow that couldn’t be surgically repaired, and required the leg to be amputated, and our big boy Bo, a German Shepherd mix with a severely broken leg that also required surgical intervention.

PALS has rescued each one of these animals in need of extraordinary, and in some cases, life saving, medical care, without hesitation. These treatments and surgical procedures aren’t inexpensive, though, and medical care for just the animals listed above will exceed $13,000.00. And, with six of these dogs needing medical care in just the last two months, we need YOUR help!

You can help PALS not only cover the current medical costs, but help ensure that we have funds on hand for the next extraordinary medical expense, by making a donation, today! Just click on this link to go to our Donation Page, and click the “Donate Today” button to make a donation through PayPal; you can type in the notes field that the donation is for the Medical Fund. You can also make a donation at PALS, located at 1405 W. Kettleman Lane, in Lodi, or our Wags to Riche$ – A Repeat Boutique located at 101 E. Pine Street, in Lodi.

Whether it’s $15, $25, $50, or more, your donation will help ensure that the most vulnerable of the stray and abandoned animals that come into the city shelter get the extraordinary medical attention that they need!

Thank you!



PALS Pet of the Week – Stanley

PALS Pet of the Week - Stanley .5

Meet Stanley, our PALS Pet of the Week!

Stanley is an approximately 2 year old, male, Border Collie/Greyhound mix. Stanley is a very energetic and playful youngster that loves the outdoors! Once Stanley’s off the leash in our dog run, stand back, because he’s ready to burn off some energy chasing down tennis balls, or whatever other toys we have on hand. And boy is he fast! When Stanley has had his fill of chasing after toys, he loves to roll around in the grass, soak up the sun, and get some serious belly rubs. Stanley can be rambunctious, but once he’s been exercised he calms down nicely and that’s when you’ll see that he’s also a very friendly and outgoing youngster who very much enjoys and appreciates love and attention from people. Our volunteers are currently working on basic obedience training with Stanley, and have had moderate success with the “sit” command, so far, so Stanley will benefit greatly from continued obedience training once he’s found his forever home. Stanley will need to find a family that has a large backyard, and one that’s able to give him a lot of exercise and playtime, as well. If Stanley sounds like the perfect dog for you, please come in and meet him!

PALS Pet of the Week - Stanley 1.5

PALS Pet of the Week – Maya

PALS Pet of the Week - Maya .5

Meet Maya, our PALS Pet of the Week!

Maya is an approximately 2 ½ year old, spayed female, Lilac Calico. Maya was rescued by PALS late last year, along with her three kittens; Maya was such an awesome mom, not only did she dote on her own kittens, but, she even became a surrogate mom to another kitten that PALS rescued who was in desperate need of a mother’s love and attention. Maya is a very friendly and outgoing cat, and she loves to be around people; she’s super loving and enjoys being the center of attention. Maya has a spunky side to her, as well, and she loves exploring new surroundings, finding the highest point she can in each room and watching the goings-on around her. Most of all, though, Maya likes to find a nice comfortable spot to curl up in for a nice nap, and some afternoon rays. If this sweetheart of a cat sounds like the perfect fit for your home, please come in and meet her!

PALS Pet of the Week - Maya 1.5

PALS Pet of the Week – Speckles

PALS Pet of the Week - Speckles .5

Meet Speckles, our PALS Pet of the Week!

Speckles is an approximately 1 ½ year old, spayed female, Pit Bull Terrier/Queensland mix. Speckles is a very sweet, and quiet, girl that has gone through quite a transformation since coming into the shelter. Speckles was very frightened when she was brought in, but, we could see from her body language that she truly wanted human companionship; it took many hours of love and patience to begin building enough of a rapport with her for her to even feel comfortable being near people, but once she felt safe and loved there was such an outpouring of happiness from her that you couldn’t help but smile. Speckles loves being outside with our volunteers where she can just sort of wander around at her own pace, but she does seem to prefer staying close to the volunteers so she can get lots of love and attention from them. And, she especially loves having her belly rubbed! Though she has come so far, Speckles is still on the shy side, so she will need to go to a home without any young children, and preferably one on the quiet side where she will feel comfortable. This sweet girl just wants another chance at a forever home with a loving human or family, so if you think you can provide her with the love and security that she needs, please come in and meet her!



PALS Pet of the Week - Speckles 1.5

PALS Pet of the Week – Roco

PALS Pet of the Week - Roco .5

Meet Roco, our PALS Pet of the Week!

Roco is an approximately 6 year old, neutered male, Beagle. This handsome guy is very laid back and easy going, and he has a very friendly and outgoing personality. Roco loves being doted on by our volunteers, and he’s always eager to meet new people, and make new friends! Roco loves getting his ears scratched, and when he’s feeling nice and relaxed he’ll roll over on his back for some enthusiastic belly scratching! Roco’s pretty energetic, too, and he’ll chase after a tennis ball with the enthusiasm of a puppy, even if he won’t actually get the ball and bring it back to you; he’s a character like that! Roco walks very well on the leash, and he knows some of his commands, like “sit” and “stay,” and we’re currently working on teaching him the “down” command; continued basic obedience training is recommended for Roco, though, to help him reach his full K9 potential. If you think Roco would be the perfect addition to your family, please come in and meet him!

PALS Pet of the Week - Roco 1.5