PALS Haven Open House – Chair-ity Event!


PALS would like to thank everyone that came out to our PALS Haven Open House – Chair-ity Event in August! It was a huge success, and helped us raise $40,302.00 from donations and our Chair-ity Auction, bringing us that much closer to realizing our dream of opening PALS Haven!

PALS would like to thank those that made a donation to PALS Haven: Donald & Jean Althoff, Daniel & Ashlie Arbuckle, Ivern & Neil Baffoni, Rocel Bettencourt, Tammie Cohen, Lorri Denton, Daniel Engelstad, John & Joyce Evans, Judy Jacobs, Betty Schall & Debby Koepplin, Gina Reynolds, Pam Schweitzer, Mr. & Mrs. R. Wetzel, Christi Weybret, and Carmen Wong.

And a Special Thank you to the following donors: Terry & Toni Clark who donated the cost of 1 Dog meet & greet yard, Victoria Corrales who donated the cost of the phone/computer system, and Nancy Mettler who donated the cost of 6 dog runs!




PALS would also like to thank all of our Chair-ity Artists for donating their time, materials, artistic vision, and love, to paint and decorate the chairs auctioned off in our Chair-ity Auction!

They are: Brock Alexander, Susan Allsbrook, Elsa Bates, Kathy Cheek, Jamie Clarke, Sara Duque-Mellor, Lisa Goldman, Caroline Henry, Janelle Jenks, Anne Jones, Jean Justeau, Patricia Kenedy, Letty Nava, Antionette Perbal, Valerie Pinaglia, JC Strote , Kathy Waldron, Patti Wallace, and Lisa Weltzin!

If you weren’t able to make it out to our PALS Haven Open House, you can still make a donation to our PALS Haven Capital Campaign by clicking on the “donate” button in the left sidebar, or you can mail your donation to PALS to our mailing address at 1040 W. Kettleman Lane, Suite 379, Lodi, CA 95240!

Thank you for your continued support!