PALS Pet of the Week – Bo

PALS Pet of the Week - Bo .5

Meet Bo, our PALS Pet of the Week!

Bo is an approximately 2 year old, neutered male, Akita/Shepherd mix; Bo weighs approximately 75lbs. Bo was in bad shape when PALS rescued him; he’d been struck by a vehicle and had a large laceration to his head, and a severely broken leg. Bo’s surgery went well, and as his rehabilitation progressed, Bo’s wonderful personality and energy began to show; he always looked forward to seeing our volunteers, giving them lots of love and kisses, and all he wanted to do was play and run, but we had to make him take it easy so that his leg could heal properly. Once we got the all clear from his doctor, we let Bo have the run of the yard and we have never seen such exuberance, as Bo romped and chased tennis balls up and down the yard until he tired himself out. While Bo can be happy just goofing off by himself, he truly enjoys being around and interacting with people, whether it’s just sitting next to them on a bench for some hugs and companionship, or running alongside them in the yard for some exercise. Bo has recently graduated from a basic obedience training class, and our volunteers continue to work with him on walking on a leash, and his basic commands; because of Bo’s size and strength he will need an experienced handler, and he will benefit greatly from continued obedience training. If you’re interested in giving this special dog a home, and think you can give the structure and love that our big Bo needs, please come down and meet him!


PALS Pet of the Week - Bo 1.5