PALS Pet of the Week – Bolt

PALS Pet of the Week - Bolt .5

Meet Bolt, our PALS Pet of the Week!

Bolt is an approximately 9 year old, neutered male, Boxer mix; Bolt weighs approximately 45lbs. This distinguished senior dog has a very relaxed personality, and he seems to take everything he encounters in stride. Bolt seems to really enjoy people watching and just taking in the world around him when he’s out in the dog yard, though he can still be very lively, and you wouldn’t know his age by watching him run and play in the dog yard. Bolt enjoys being in the company of people, and while he may not bowl you over with slobbery kisses to show his affection, when he leans in close for a hug and rests his head on your shoulder you know that he is feeling the love! Because of his easy going and relaxed personality, Bolt would make an excellent couch buddy and walking companion. Bolt appears to have had some training in the past, as he knows his sit and down commands, and he walks fairly well on the leash. If you’d like to give this sweet and gentle dog the forever home he deserves, please come down and meet Bolt!


PALS Pet of the Week - Bolt 1.5