PALS Pet of the Week – Cammi


PALS Pet of the Week - Cammi .5

Meet Cammi, our PALS Pet of the Week!

Cammi is an approximately 4 year old, spayed female, Chihuahua; Cammi weighs approximately 7 ½ lbs. One of the sweetest, most loving dogs, to ever come into PALS is once again in search of a loving forever home. Cammi found herself at PALS after being dumped in our Christmas donation bin back in 2013. She eventually found herself a wonderful home where she was loved and doted on for the last several years; unfortunately, Cammi was recently returned to PALS after her owner passed away. This girl has been through so much, but she is an absolute sweetheart that loves to be around people. She’s the perfect lap dog that will happily curl up in your lap for hours on end, and just enjoy being close to you. Cammi isn’t too active, but she does enjoy going on short walks. She also seems to enjoy playing out on the grass where she can roll around on the warm ground, and stretch out to soak in the sun. Although Cammi prefers the company of people, she has also gotten along very well with the other small dogs that we have introduced her to. Cammi will do best in a home where she’s not left alone all day, and one that’s a bit on the quiet side, as well. If you’d like to give this sweet girl a second chance at a forever home, please come in and meet her!


PALS Pet of the Week - Cammi 1.5