PALS Pet of the Week – Cassandra

PALS Pet of the Week - Cassandra .5


Meet Cassandra, our PALS Pet of the Week!

Cassandra is an approximately 5 1/2 month old, spayed female, fluffy brown Tabby. This gorgeous kitten was part of a litter of three sisters that PALS rescued when they were just 6 weeks old. They were a little on the shy side, and the sisters were nearly inseparable, at first, but they slowly warmed to all of the attention from our volunteers, and we soon had three very loving and affectionate kittens! Cassandra has recently been introduced to a room with one of her sisters (the other one was adopted already!), and she definitely enjoys having more room to play around in; you’ll often see her chasing a toy mouse around the room, and don’t even get her started with a cat wand! Cassandra and her sister are still very close, but she gets along very well with the other cats and kittens in the room, as well. And, for a kitten that was so shy at first, Cassandra has turned into a total love bug; she loves to be held, and will perch herself high on your shoulder so that she can nuzzle your cheeks while she’s getting loved on, and her exuberant purrs will melt your heart. If you’re interested in an affectionate and playful kitten, and think that Cassandra is the perfect one for you, please come in and meet her!


PALS Pet of the Week - Cassandra 1.5