PALS Pet of the Week – Kai

PALS Pet of the Week - Kai .5


Meet Kai, our PALS Pet of the Week!

Kai is an approximately 1 ½ year old, neutered male, tan and white Labrador Retriever mix. Kai is a very special dog, in need of a very special forever home. Kai can be shy in general when you first meet him, and he is very cautious around men, especially tall men; Kai has warmed up to a few of the male volunteers and kennel aides that work with him, but that has been a slow and gradual process to gain his trust, so he may do best in a woman only home. Once you have Kai’s trust, though, he is an amazingly affectionate dog that will actively seek out your companionship and reward it with all the love he has to give. Despite his initial shyness, Kai does enjoy being near to the people he feels comfortable with, and you can expect lots of happy kisses from Kai when he’s feeling safe and loved! Kai really enjoys his time outdoors, and he always has fun playing out in the dog yard where he can let his inner puppy out, as he runs up and down the yard chasing after toys, and being a general goofball. Kai knows his sit command, and walks fairly well on his leash, but continued basic obedience training is recommended to help him become a model K-9 citizen. If you’re interested in giving Kai the special loving forever home that he needs, please come in and meet him!


PALS Pet of the Week - Kai 1.5