PALS Pet of the Week – Mary

PALS Pet of the Week - Mary .5

Meet Mary, our PALS Pet of the Week!

Mary is an approximately 6 month old, spayed female, Calico kitten. Mary was rescued by PALS, along with her sister, just a short time ago, and now that Mary has gotten over a small case of the sniffles, she’s ready to find her forever home! You’ll probably never find a more loving and affectionate kitten than Mary; the second someone approaches her, she’s right there, looking to snuggle with them. And, she’s not shy with the purring, either, so when you’re holding her and giving her your undivided attention, you can be sure that you’ll hear, and feel, the deep rumble of her happiness. Mary’s also very curious, and adventurous, too, and she loves exploring new areas, and so far, new cats, as well. When she’s not curling up with our volunteers and getting lots of love and attention, Mary entertains herself by hunting and pouncing on toy mice, or chasing after those little toy balls with bells inside, before tiring herself out and settling down for a quick nap. If you’re interested in giving this loving and playful kitten the forever home that she deserves, please come in and meet Mary!


PALS Pet of the Week - Mary 1.5