PALS Pet of the Week – Maxx

PALS Pet of the Week - Maxx .5


Meet Maxx, our PALS Pet of the Week!

Maxx is an approximately 4 year old, neutered male DSH Brown Tabby. Maxx was just three months old when he was first adopted from PALS, but, after being diagnosed with diabetes earlier this year, he was returned to PALS as his family could not provide him with the care he needs. With such major upheaval in his life in such a short span of time, Maxx took some time to get used to his new circumstances, but our volunteers devoted themselves to showing Maxx that he was loved and with people that cared about his well being, and it wasn’t long before Maxx’s loving nature came out. We’re working on getting Maxx’s activity level up, to help with his diabetes, but he’s just such a mellow cat that absolutely loves to hang out with you, sitting in your lap, or on your chest, and getting loved on. Maxx is currently receiving insulin injections every day, and is on a special dry food diet for digestive care and weight management; Maxx’s medical and food needs are not inexpensive, so we’re looking for that special family that will be able to afford his medical and dietary needs, and who will be able to provide him the love and care he needs. If you can provide all that this loving cat needs, and want to give Maxx the loving forever home that he deserves, please come in and meet him!

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