PALS Pet of the Week – Sienna

PALS Pet of the Week - Sienna .5

Meet Sienna, our PALS Pet of the Week!

 Sienna is an approximately 1 ½ year old, spayed female, Torbie cat. Sienna, and her sister, Sierra, were rescued by PALS when they were just two months old, and they have grown up to be two of the sweetest cats ever. Sienna is the more outgoing of the two, and she’s always eager to meet new people, and make new friends. Sienna is always quick to greet our volunteers when they enter the room, and she will follow them around and rub up against them until they take a few minutes and give her their undivided attention and lots of love; Sienna isn’t shy about letting you know just how happy your attention and affection makes her, either, as her purr reverberates around the room, and straight to your heart! She can be fairly playful when the mood strikes her, but for the most part this sweetheart is all about the leisurely life, cuddling up with her sister, or her roommates, for long relaxing naps, and enjoying being loved on by people. If this sweetheart of a cat sounds like the perfect match for you, please come down and meet Sienna!