PALS Pet of the Week – Simon

PALS Pet of the Week - Simon .5


Meet Simon, our PALS Pet of the Week!

Simon is an approximately 4 1/2 month old, neutered male, orange and white Tabby. Simon is a super laid back kitten with a great personality and lots of love to share! PALS rescued Simon along with his sister, River, several months ago, and though he was a little bit on the shy side at first, he quickly warmed up to all of the love and attention that he received from our volunteers. Simon definitely knows how to work his charm on you, too, and one look at his cute face is enough to warm your heart and want to cuddle him forever, which he won’t mind one bit! Simon has his playful moments, but he really likes to be the center of attention, so when he plays he likes it when you take part in his playtime by waving around a cat wand for him to swat at and pounce on. Simon has been a great big brother for his sister, and he has such an easy going personality that he has gotten along very well with the other cats and kittens he’s been introduced to, so he’s sure to fit in very well in a home with other cats. If you think Simon would be the perfect fit for your family, please come in and meet him! And, PALS and the Lodi Animal Shelter have well over 30 kittens available for adoption, so whether you’re looking for a Calico, a Tortie, a Tabby, or a black or grey kitten (and many others!) please come down and help our wonderful kittens find their forever homes!


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