PALS Pet of the Week – Tiger

PALS Pet of the Week - Tiger .5


Meet Tiger, the PALS Pet of the Week!

Tiger is an approximately 1 year old, neutered male, Pit Bull Terrier; Tiger weighs approximately 45 lbs. Poor Tiger was extremely shy and timid when he was first brought into the shelter; our volunteers spent many hours socializing with him, sometimes just sitting in his kennel with him, to help build trust with him, and to help Tiger build his confidence. Slowly, but surely, and with a lot of love and patience, Tiger started opening up and we all were able to see what a remarkably affectionate and playful dog he is today. Tiger loves being close to people, and he’ll sit right next to you while you love on him, and he’ll even give you big ole puppy kisses in exchange for a vigorous belly rub! Tiger really loves spending time in the play yard, chasing after tennis balls, and rolling around in the warm grass, and he’s really starting to enjoy his walks with our volunteers outside of the play yard; Tiger can still be a little nervous around things he’s not encountered before, but with some gentle encouragement, he does just fine. Our volunteers are working on basic commands, and leash training with Tiger, but continued basic obedience training is recommended to help Tiger become a model K-9 citizen! If you’re interesting in giving this special guy all of the love and attention he deserves, please come down and meet him!


PALS Pet of the Week - Tiger 1.5