PALS Pet(s) of the Week – Chatter & Champ

Chatter and Champ, two brothers, are both just over one year old, and are neutered male, Black Tabbies. Chatter and Champ have been with PALS since they were kittens, and we have seen them grow into two very handsome cats, with great personalities. Chatter and Champ are residents of our Green Room, and to say that they rule the room together, would be an understatement. They are both very inquisitive; they are the first ones at the door to greet you when you enter their room, and the first to jump in your lap for some attention when you sit down. Needless to say, both Chatter and Champ are very affectionate cats. They are also quite playful, and when they’re not enjoying their morning, afternoon, and early evening naps, they love to liven up the room with their playful antics. We’ve enjoyed their company for quite some time, but what we really want for them is to find that special forever home that they both deserve. Either together, or separately, these two cats will bring a ton of energy and love to someone’s home.