PALS Pet(s) of the Week – Sawyer, Spencer, Sydney, and Selena


PALS Pet of the Week - Sawyer

Sawyer is an approximately 3 ½ month old, neutered male, German Shepherd/Labrador/Border Collie mix; Sawyer currently weighs 37 lbs. Sawyer and his litter mates were just five weeks old when PALS rescued them, and placed them into a foster home, and it has been amazing to watch these puppies grow from tiny little 5 lb bundles of fur into the playful and outgoing big boys and girls that they are today! In addition to Sawyer, his brother, Spencer, and his two sisters, Selena, and Sydney, are also now available for adoption; all four of these puppies have that black Shepherd look, with various white or grey chest markings. They are all extremely friendly and well mannered, and they love being around people! They can be extremely playful and active at times, and will need a lot of exercise and activity as they continue to grow, but they’re also very mellow puppies who enjoy lazing around and enjoying the warmth of the afternoon sun. We’ve been working with them on obedience training, and they all know the “sit” command, and we have recently begun leash training them, as well, though they will greatly benefit from continued obedience training once they’ve found their new forever homes. If you’re interested in adopting Sawyer, or one of his siblings, please call PALS to schedule an introduction.


PALS Pet of the Week - Sydney PALS Pet of the Week - Spencer PALS Pet of the Week - Selena