Providing the Highest Level of Humane Care to Severely Injured and Sick Animals


“Reducing animal suffering…by providing the highest level of humane care.”

These aren’t “just words” in our mission statement; they’re words we live by each day. And we do it in a number of ways, from providing vaccinations for every animal that comes into the city shelter, to covering the costs associated with grooming for severely matted animals, treatment for parasites, fleas, and ticks, to treating upper respiratory infections. These are just some of the “ordinary” medical expenses that PALS takes on as we help the stray and abandoned animals in the city shelter get ready for their second chance at a forever home.

And then there are the extraordinary medical expenses, from broken bones and infections, to deadly viruses. In the last six months, PALS has taken on over a dozen of these extraordinary medical needs cases for animals that have come into the city shelter.

We have rescued Maggie, Gabby, Marvin, Donny, Skip. Layla, and Maya, all beautiful puppies that tested positive for the Parvovirus; the first six have made full recoveries, and four of them have already found their forever homes; and our latest rescued Parvo puppy, Maya, is doing very well and she too is well on her way to a full recovery!

Then there’s Alice, a tiny little MinPin/Chihuahua mix, that came into the shelter with severely luxating patellas in both of her rear legs that required surgery, Raina, an energetic Chihuahua who was bitten by another dog and had deep puncture wounds and broken ribs, Hope, a sweet little Shih Tzu who had an untreated and severely infected ulcer in her eye that required the eye to be surgically removed, Bayley, a shy Short Haired German Pointer with a broken elbow that couldn’t be surgically repaired, and required the leg to be amputated, and our big boy Bo, a German Shepherd mix with a severely broken leg that also required surgical intervention.

PALS has rescued each one of these animals in need of extraordinary, and in some cases, life saving, medical care, without hesitation. These treatments and surgical procedures aren’t inexpensive, though, and medical care for just the animals listed above will exceed $13,000.00. And, with six of these dogs needing medical care in just the last two months, we need YOUR help!

You can help PALS not only cover the current medical costs, but help ensure that we have funds on hand for the next extraordinary medical expense, by making a donation, today! Just click on this link to go to our Donation Page, and click the “Donate Today” button to make a donation through PayPal; you can type in the notes field that the donation is for the Medical Fund. You can also make a donation at PALS, located at 1405 W. Kettleman Lane, in Lodi, or our Wags to Riche$ – A Repeat Boutique located at 101 E. Pine Street, in Lodi.

Whether it’s $15, $25, $50, or more, your donation will help ensure that the most vulnerable of the stray and abandoned animals that come into the city shelter get the extraordinary medical attention that they need!

Thank you!