Brownie & Mia


Brownie and Mia were no strangers to the shelter, as they’d been brought in several times over the last few months. Unfortunately, during their last trip to the shelter, their owner declined to redeem them, so the search for a new forever home for them began.

Brownie and Mia are sisters, one year apart, and to say that they are bonded to one another would be an understatement. They played together, slept together, and always wanted to be with one another; good luck trying to bring just one of them out to the play yard! We knew that we were hoping for a lot, to try and find them a home together, but we knew that it would be very hard on both Brownie and Mia if they had to be separated.

As it turns out, our hope was rewarded, and when a gentleman came in looking for two adult dogs that got along with one another, we knew exactly who to show him! Brownie and Mia hit it off with their potential adopter, and because they were already spayed when they came into the shelter, they got to go home with him right away!

Thank you to Edward for opening up your heart and home to these two very special girls!



Brownie and Mia with their new owner, Edward (right).