Two-month old Presley, a Border Collie, was dumped at the Lodi Animal Shelter (then transferred to PALS) with a crippled lower back and crippled legs. It was ultimately learned that she was impacted from the right rear and that the injury appeared to be a compression injury such as being hit by a car or being severely kicked while her skeletal system was still developing.

She was a sweet puppy who played with other dogs and got around by dragging her rear quarters. She didn’t let her disability slow her down! However, despite her charm, and the best efforts by PALS volunteers to find a home for her, most people were not interested in a dog who required extra care, so she was placed with Border Collie Rescue of Northern California where she was fostered by Michael.

After several months with Michael, Presley was adopted by him.  Michael refers to her as his “foster failure”.  Michael was then an EMT. With his medical background, he understood many medical conditions which were apparent to a medical professional and had the perseverance to identify the cause of her condition.

Michael’s love of Presley and his other dog, Siku, lead him to a new career – that of a veterinary technician. Through his contacts in the veterinary world, it was determined that Presley’s condition was a result of an injury, not a neurological condition, and could not be repaired. Her mobility was unusual for a dog who had such an injury as she was, luckily, not completely paralyzed.

Presley had been a star in our eyes. But, at 2 ½ years old, Presley may become a Hollywood star! She has her own agent and has the star appeal for print and movie work.

Look for Presley on the big screen – she’ll be one who doesn’t let her disability get in her way! That’s one determined little girl!

Thanks to PALS who took her under their wing and to Michael for giving her a wonderful home and future!