A Shelter favorite, Spaz is a beautiful gray and white long-haired cat who came in with an upper respiratory infection. The infection and other health issues were treated over a long period and that delayed his availability for adoption. However, during that time, the PALS volunteers fell in love with him and enjoyed his energy and love of life! They appropriately named him Spaz because of his “spastic” nature! The volunteers would lock the office doors in the morning and let Spaz roam the Adoption Center to expend some of his energy. Spaz thought everyone was his friend, even all the dogs in the building. In particular, Spaz made friends with a poodle mix, often running and chasing each other. It seemed appropo that Spaz would be adopted by a family with dogs and kids. We’ve heard that Spaz rules the house and keeps the dogs in line. The new owners are just thrilled with Spaz and have found him to be a wonderful family addition!